Vietnam Era Vet Turned PTSD Therapist Talks Mental Health and Military

- FREDERICK, Md. - For Brad Wye, the relationship between mental health and the military hits especially close to home. Wye, a Vietnam era veteran, now helps other combat veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He believes its a topic we don't talk about enough.

"Mental health in this country doesn't get the attention or resources that it needs," said Wye, a Frederick, Md. psychotherapist.

The topic did get some national attention last week after Iraq war veteran, Ivan Lopez who was being treated for mental illness, opened fire at Fort Hood. It's the third shooting on a U.S. military installation in the last five years.

"If people don't get help for PTSD, especially combat veterans...and they're getting very frustrated with the symptoms they will take it out in certain ways and this is one way this can manifest," said Wye.

Wye says many veterans struggling with PTSD remain tight lipped about their issues because of the stigma attached to mental health in the military.

"They're ashamed of what's going on with them. They're fearful of not getting promotions so if they go to the military for help they feel like they're stigmatized and that they're going to endanger their careers," added Wye.

Although the motive on what triggered Lopez to kill three and injure sixteen on that tragic day is still a mystery, the incident has officials working to prevent it from happening again.

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