Mental Illness Could Be a Factor in Double Homicide


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - Investigators are still piecing together what happened Saturday night when they say Joseph Minoglio stabbed both his grandparents to death.

According to charging documents, officials said the 19-year-old suspect suffers from a mental illness. 

“A lot of times it's not obvious that there were mental health issues that are playing a factor into it that comes after an investigation, looking into the incident and what took place. It's hard because you can have someone who is mentally ill but saying how much that factored into the crime it just depends," said Deputy First Class Carly Hose of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Officials said there were no previous disturbances reported from the Minoglio family. Health officials said that's because very few people suffering with serious mental illness commit acts of violence.

Approximately four percent if you add substance abuse more likely 16 percent but it's only a very small percentage and so the difficulty is to actually predict who it might be that might commit an act of violence," said Dr. Emmet Burke, Clinical Director at Brook Lane. 

In cases where a family member is suffering from mental illness and there are concerns of their well-being, officers can submit an emergency petition. That petition requires an individual to be evaluated by a doctor before being released.

"Hopefully, through there they are able to be put in touch with services and different things along those lines that can help them out and treat them at that point," said Hose. "Because when it comes down to it, mental illness is an illness. It's not something they can help and we certainly want to see them get the help that they need."

In this case, investigators continue to uncover more of what happened but say they may never determine the reason why.

"This is definitely had a tremendous impact on the community," said Hose. "The victim's were well known in the community, they were well loved by the community, they attended many events in their community and it's, it's really been difficult for everyone to deal with it and get through it."

Family members can also file emergency petitions for their loved ones if they believe could be at risk for themselves or others. Officials say 58 emergency petitions have been filed this year in Washington County.

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