Meritus Medical Center Congratulates Special Olympian on Her Wins


HAGERSTOWNMd. - She has been a loyal employee of Meritus Medical Center for nine months but she is not your average worker. She is very well known around the hospital and she has been an athlete her entire life.

"I got picked to go to New Jersey. It was very fun," said Special Olympian, Candi Blessing.

Blessing took a trip up north in June for the Special Olympics and came back home with three, shiny medals.

"The first place was the running shot put, second was the 1500, and the third was the relay," said Blessing.

As a celebration of her accomplishment, Meritus employees got together to congratulate her with three, large sheets of cake.

Blessing currently works in the Nutrition Services Department, making sure the pots and pans are squeaky clean. And she thanks the ARC of Washington County for helping her develop the skills necessary for the position. The organization works with those who have disabilities and teaches them the necessary skills to get a job in the community.

"She and anybody with disabilities for that matter are so happy to have an opportunity, and so grateful to have a chance. They work hard, they come to work with a smile on their face, they're just generally happy," said Joe Fleishman, chef food production manager.

Blessing's co-workers and supervisors like Fleishman himself, said they are happy to have her on their team as she has been a true blessing.

"I would like to tell anybody that is sort of fence sitting on hiring someone from ARC with disabilities, definitely do it. It has been probably the best things that I've ever done in my business career," added Fleishman.

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