Miles Hearing Day Two: Murder Victim's Family Sheds Tears as Doctor Describes Attack


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. - A degree of guilt hearing continues for a man who recently pleaded guilty to murdering a Hagerstown woman back in 2010.

Jeffrey Miles entered the plea for the murder of Kristy Hoke on Oct. 29, and is now facing a judge, who will decide if he should be convicted of first, second or third degree murder.

The homicide has left three children without their mother, including Whitnie Wyand, 17, who said Kristy was not just a mother but also a best friend.

"I just hate like whenever I see my other friends have their moms and I don’t get to have mine,” said Wyand. “I don't get to have my best friend."

Wyand and other members of Hoke's family were visibly emotional in court Tuesday as a doctor described dozens of photographs of Hoke's body taken after she was found dead in April 2010.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Samuel Land testified that Hoke was stabbed more than 50 times in the face, neck and body with a pair of scissors. He said in court the attack was extremely violent and brutal.

When District Attorney Matt Fogal asked the doctor what the purpose of the attack seemed to be, he responded it was most likely intended to kill Hoke. He told the judge that the evidence, including several defensive wounds, indicate Hoke was alive and fighting for her life during the painful attack.

It was during this part of the testimony that Hoke's mother and daughter broke down. They say the only silver lining in the trial is getting some answers to their questions about what happened that day.

"I don't think we're ever going to know the real truth or why it really happened," said Wyand.

Prosecutors also showed a taped police interview with Miles from April 2010. On the tape, Miles was heard talking about feelings that overwhelm him at times.

In a chilling moment, Miles confirms to police Hoke said, "Oh God help me" in the moments before he attacked her. He said he replied, "God can't help you now."

In the video, police also bring out a notebook belonging to Miles, which states that "The Beast" within him drove him to kill Hoke. The notebook was reportedly handed over to investigators by Miles's girlfriend the night Hoke's body was discovered.

Miles's son Dustin Lamier says he was anxious about testifying against his dad Monday, but says it's the heartless nature of the crime that motivated him to turn his father in.

"[I was] kind of nervous you know because…it was my dad,” said Lamier. “You've got to set that its family aside…considering the nature of the offense that he had committed."

Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Aaron Martin took the stand once again, confirming Martin led him to Hoke's body just hours after Miles threatened to jump off an overpass in State Line, Pa., in April 2010. Martin said in court he did not believe Miles killed Hoke because of the "beast" he claimed controlled him at times.

Martin said he questioned Miles about a possible motive: that Miles wanted revenge because he believed Hoke was the informant who had him busted for dealing narcotics months before the murder.

Backed by audio recordings, Martin also confirmed Miles told investigators Hoke picked him up on the night of the murder. Miles told police he led Hoke into the woods under the pretense that they were going to have sex. 

But according to evidence and Martin's testimony, Miles confirmed to investigators in 2010 what was written in his notebook. He told police he knew all along Hoke was "chosen" to die and that "that day was going to be her last day on earth."

Miles told Martin several other people knew about the murder, according to court testimony. It is a detail Lamier finds hard to swallow.

"It shouldn't have been my spot to testify,” said Lamier. “There were many people who knew before me that could've testified and did not testify."

Hoke's family says they also want the other people who allegedly knew about the murder to be charged and brought to justice.

"I have a 10-month-old son who should have his grandmother in his life and don't.  It's not fair,” said Wyand.

The hearing is expected to continue through the end of this week until the judge hands down a verdict.

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