Mitt Romney Keynote Address at Lincoln Day Dinner

GREENCASTLE, PA - It only took a day and a half to sell-out tickets for these 600 guests who eagerly awaited former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's keynote address.

"I've been working with the governor's campaign since really last year. We knew he'd be a big draw," says Dwight Weidman, Chairman of the Republican Party Committee in Franklin County.

The Lincoln Day Dinner is a Republican tradition held annually throughout the country.

According to Weidman, the estimated $25,000 raised from the event will be used to fund their utilities; he says they're excited to support Romney through November.

Romney's speech brought on mixed concerns from his listeners. "An issue that Romney did not address, which I'm concerned about as a Catholic, is the erosion of religious freedom," says Mike Cavanaugh, voter and Lincoln Dinner attendee.

The keynote address also stirred up motivation among Franklin County Republican Party members to come together even more. "We could be even stronger than what we are--we just need to be more united as a community, because we have so much good people in the county," says Henry Ryder, voter and attendee.

Yet most expressed an urgency to protect individual freedoms in the upcoming primary and general elections.

"I was in the military to defend our liberties, I'm very upset to see our liberties be taken away," says Cavanaugh.

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