Mother and Son Facing Charges in KFC Robbery


Published 10/09 2013 04:49AM

Updated 10/09 2013 12:04PM

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. - Police say a store manager and her son are facing charges in connection to a robbery at a KFC in Charles Town. 

Police say on October 1, 2013 a man entered the restaurant on East Washington Street and used a key to steal about $150 from the cash registers before running from police.

During the investigation, police identified Andrew Peller, the son of the store manager, Brenda Knight, as a possible suspect.

Peller confessed to authorities, saying he needed the money to fuel his heroin addiction.

Peller's mother also confessed to taking the key her son stole from her to cover up the crime.

Peller is facing charges of entering and larceny, while the mother is facing charges of being an accessory to the crime.

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