Mother Facing Charges of Child Abuse and Neglect


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. - The mother of the 10-year-old girl that was found in the woods near Robinwood Drive in Hagerstown is facing charges of child abuse and neglect.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office found the girl about two weeks ago, sleeping in the woods after being missing for almost 12 hours. Documents say she ran away from home without shoes on after an argument with her mother. It took the mother two hours after she noticed she was missing to call the police.

"A helicopter woke me up in the middle of the night and immediately I kind of thought that was a possibility, the girl something going on there, because I knew that the police were over at the house a couple of times during the past year," said Jason Yetter, a neighbor. 

"There are two incidents in the charging documents," said Prosecuting Attorney Brett Wilson. "Obviously the one that precipitated the charging document is the issue of the child running away and the actions of the mother, which led to charges of child abuse and child neglect."

The 47-year-old mother is charged with two counts of second degree child abuse, one dating back to last year.

"Basically its an issue where there was an alleged to have been an altercation between mother and child that did result in some physical injury to the child, including some loss of hair and other similar injuries," said Wilson.

Documents show the mother asked for the girl to be taken out of her custody.

Prosecuting Attorney Brett Wilson said he is just happy that she was not seriously injured after the incident in February.

"We are very fortunate in that regard that this is a very unfortunate incident that could have been tragic, but instead we can deal with and get through and not have to worry about and try to 
explain why one of our youngest is no longer around," said Wilson.

Documents say that the young girl has run away from home more than three times in the past several years. We'll continue to follow this case as it heads to court.


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