Moving "Dude" Fills Truck for Storm Victims

WINCHESTER, VA - Jon Eye of Mover Dudes, Inc. collected goods on Thursday to send to Hurricane Sandy victims. Eye says he got the idea from a customer whose family lost everything in the storm.

"She jokingly sent me a message and said 'hey, why don't you take one of your big trucks, fill it with food and take it up there,' and so I said ok," Eye says.

Eye says while many people stocked up on items to prepare for the storm, much of it did not go to use.

"Luckily, we didn't get hit as hard as others," Eye says. "So, why don't we just take some of the stuff that we purchased, in addition to what we normally need, and give it to people who need it."

The company is asking for donations of toiletry items, food, water and blankets to give to the victims. They're hoping to fill the truck to drive to Toms River, New Jersey, where the local high school is acting as an emergency shelter.

The Mover Dudes will be collecting items until 8 p.m. Thursday night. Eye will leave for New Jersey early Friday morning. You can donate at two locations in Winchester. One is located on 1520 Commerce Street and the other is on 625 North Loudoun Street.

Click here for a complete list of other ways to help storm victims.

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