MSP Investigating Fatal Accident on I-270


 FREDERICKMd. - Officials with the Maryland State Police are investigating an accident that happened Thursday evening on Interstate-270. One person was killed, another was injured.

"One of the vehicles involved swerved off the roads, we're not exactly sure of that reason yet it's to be determined. For some reason the vehicle swerved off the roads and came back crossing through lane one and was struck by the truck in lane two," said First Sgt. Robert Lantz.

Police say that's when Sydney Prather's car hit the embankment and flipped over. Prather died on the scene while the other driver, Marsha Larson, was sent to the hospital.

And after an initial investigation, police believe that Prather wasn't wearing a seat belt. A factor that police say can make a difference during an accident.

"It's not always necessarily the initial impact, it's the second impact," said Lantz. "And that second impact is either, a vital, your chest, your head hitting something else and often in accidents, it leads to the windshield, or ejection and just being a seat belted alone eliminates those things from happening."

Police say Interstate 270 is a hot spot for accidents.

"Again, it's volume of traffic. You know, it's high traffic, two lanes, coming out of Frederick City heading toward Washington D.C. so that's definitely one of our higher areas of concern and number of accidents," said Lantz.

Police say the majority of the accidents in 2013 were driver error like failing to yield or crossing the center line.

Officers say they're still examining the car to determine the actual cause of death. 

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