Navy Identifies Suspect in U.S. Destroyer Shooting

- VIRGINIA - The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has identified the suspect who fatally shot Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Mark Mayo Monday night aboard Naval Station Norfolk. 

Members say Jeffrey Tyrone Savage, from Portsmouth, Va., drove his Freightliner through Gate 5 just after 11 p.m., proceeded to Pier 1, left his truck and attempted to board USS Mahan. 

Officials say Savage was confronted by ship security personnel who ordered him to stop. A struggle occurred and Savage was able to disarm the petty officer of the watch. Savage then used the weapon to fatally shoot Mayo and attempted to fire at other nearby security personnel. 

Mayo was serving as chief of the guard at Naval Station Norfolk, and was in the vicinity of the Mahan. Members say Mayo immediately came to render assistance to personnel on the Mahan and engaged in gunfire with Savage. Other security forces shot and killed Savage. 

Officials say Savage, an employee of Majette trucking, did have a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential. They say a TWIC alone does not authorize base access, it must be used in conjunction with other documents to gain authorized entry. 

The NCIS investigation has confirmed that Savage had no reason or authorization to be on Naval Station Norfolk. They say the chain of events that allowed Savage entry to the installation and the ship are under investigation. 

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