Neighbors Recall Mother, Two Children Found Dead in Car


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - An empty room lies at Bradford Apartments where 32-year-old Allison Pluck and her two daughters, 18-month-old Shania and six-month-old Shameka Gill used to live. An autopsy won't reveal the results of how the three died in their car in the parking lot of Western Heights Middle School on June 16th for a few more weeks, but neighbors say they miss the joy that Shania brought to their lives.

"It just kind of hit me, I'll never see them again," said Brandon Osorio, a neighbor. "Seeing them going out to the car and seeing her little daughter just wandering around and being playful and being full of life and imagination."

Other neighbors say that Pluck was a good mother to her kids.

"She would walk with her little six-month-old, and then her little 18-month-old would follow," said Taylor Osorio, a neighbor. "She was sweet to them, loving. Nothing would be suspicious to me about it, she was just a normal mom."

"She was always nice with her kids," said Daniel Roberts, a neighbor. "We didn't hear her crying, we didn't hear any disturbances. She wasn't yelling at her kids or anything like that. She was protective, that's for sure."

Investigators say no one else was involved in the deaths, and they're looking at three possible scenarios. One is that it's accidental and the three died of heat exhaustion; that Pluck committed suicide and the children later died due to the heat; or that it was a double murder-suicide.

"She took her own life as well, it's not like she just murdered them and ran, she took herself with them," Taylor Osorio added. "Maybe they just had that close of a connection. She couldn't imagine her without them, or them without her."

Drugs have also been a question in the case, but there was no sign of pill bottles or anything drug-related in the car or apartment.

"You can kind of look at a person and know if they're on something, and she never really seemed out of it," Roberts said. "She might have taken something with a headache or something and passed out. It was hot, who knows."

The neighbors say it's strange to walk by their former neighbor's door and realize the family is no longer there.

"You could hear the little girl's laughter every day when she would come outside, and then it's just not there anymore," Brandon Osorio said. "You walk by and you just expect to maybe see the girl coming out of the door to go with her mom somewhere, and it's just not there."

"It's just kind of weird and eerie to walk by their door and realize that they're not there anymore, and they're dead," Roberts said. "It's just shocking, especially that people would think that she might have murdered her children because she didn't strike me as that type at all."

Neighbors also say that the father was barely around, and he has been notified of the incident. His name is not being released, and he did not live with Pluck and their daughters. 

Pluck used to work at the Walmart in Frederick, Maryland, but recently quit her job. She is originally from Guyana and has lived at the apartment complex the past two years.

Officials say the family had no affiliation with any students or staff at Western Heights. There was no trauma to the bodies, the car was turned off, the windows were rolled up and the doors were shut when crews arrived at the scene. A receipt for a DVD player was found in the car from a Hagerstown Walmart which was purchased just hours before they pulled into the school parking lot. The investigation is ongoing.

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