New CPR Guidelines Prompt Training for Officials

- WHAG NEWS - Paramedics respond to several cardiac arrest calls each month and many of those people in need of help don't make it.

Officials say new guidelines will make CPR even more effective.

The Shawnee Volunteer Fire Department has responded to about two to such calls each month, each time, hoping to save a life.

Lenn Closwer, a firefighter said, "The quicker the better to keep the heart flowing the whole time we're there, that's our focus today."

Eddie Mccllelan, Fire Chief Of Shawnee Vol. Fire Dept. has this to say about new training: "This training is going to help with the continuous compressions because the studies have shown that the more compressions you're doing without eruptions, the better chance the patients have for survival."

All the firefighters already know how to perform CPR but the sequence of doing compressions has changed, according to the American Heart Association.

Eddie Mccllelan said, "When a person collapses, normally they have plenty of oxygen left in their system so if we can just do compressions to circulate the blood, circulating oxygen, we're helping to profuse the brain."

It’s just an extra step in making sure someone goes back to a full recovery.

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