New Details: Documents Show Abuse Before Hagerstown Child's Death


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Court documents show that it is not the first time police have suspected that Yadina Indira Morales’s children were abused.

Just before 7 a.m. Saturday, deputies arrived at Morales's home on Scarlet Oak Drive to find her two-month-old daughter unresponsive under Morales's body. Morales passed out and smothered her infant daughter to death while drunkenly breastfeeding the child, police say.

The Washington County Sheriff says when deputies first showed up, Morales was still unconscious due to her high level of intoxication. Police arrested and charged Morales in connection with the death of her daughter, who was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police say there were two other children, age one and three, in the house when the infant and mother were both found unconscious.

"There were three children total at the time of the incident including the infant," said Carly Hose of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Police say Morales's two other daughters were taken by child protective services Saturday. Court documents reveal one of her children was allegedly a victim of abuse in the past.

In June 2012, Morales's boyfriend at the time, Daniel Keith Edmonds, was arrested for allegedly abusing her oldest daughter, who was two-years-old at the time.

Edmonds, who is not the biological father of Morales's children, was charged with first- and second-degree child abuse and first- and second-degree assault after detectives found sufficient evidence that he caused abuse that resulted in severe physical injuries to the child.

Edmonds was convicted of the second-degree assault charge after he entered an Alford plea. He spent part of his five year sentence in jail and was placed on probation.

Court documents also show two different doctors examined Morales's oldest child in 2012, and they told detectives she had several injuries including two broken ribs and bruising to the body. Court documents state that in 2012, Morales first told detectives she witnessed her oldest daughter get injured after falling down the stairs in her home. But she later changed her story.

But doctors concluded the injuries Morales's child suffered were too severe to be accidental and that they were most likely not caused by a fall down the stairs, but rather by blunt force trauma, state court records state. The doctors also both told detectives that the child had old rib fractures, indicating those injuries were sustained at an earlier time.

Morales later changed her story, saying she found out about her daughter's injuries after returning from work, according to court documents. Morales told detectives Edmonds was the only other person with her child that day and that he was responsible for looking after her daughters while she went to work at Macy’s.

Now, after the death of her youngest daughter, Morales is facing manslaughter and child abuse charges, along with three other misdemeanors.

The Sheriff’s Department could not comment on the status of Morales’s other two daughters.

Police say this investigation is still ongoing and that the autopsy of the infant has not yet been released by the Office of the Medical Examiner in Baltimore.

Police say Morales is currently out of jail after posting $100,000 bond.

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