New Details Involving Man Charged with Child Abuse in Scissor Incident


KEYSER, W.Va. - Andrew Conner, 35, has been charged after allegedly throwing a pair of scissors, striking a 1-year-old boy.

"My deputy arrived on the scene approximately seven minutes later to find a 1-year-old child being held in his mother's arms," said Mineral County Sheriff Jeremy Taylor. "(He) was impaled in the right temple with a pair of scissors."

The mother of the child, Blanche Grimm, was visiting her friend Lisa Lowther, Conner's girlfriend. The incident happened at the Pinewood Apartments in Short Gap. Conner came home with a pizza and began cutting it with a pair of scissors when he and Lowther got into an argument.

"The mother of the 1-year-old had gotten up from the area to leave," Taylor said. "Once she left, Mr. Conner, out of anger, had thrown the scissors. It actually struck the child in the right temple area."

Taylor added the boy is lucky he didn't suffer any severe damage.

"The point of the scissors actually missed the child's brain and lodged just behind the right eye," Taylor said. "It was very close to the optical nerve. The scissors had to be surgically removed at Ruby Memorial Hospital."

The scissors went into the child's temple two to three inches deep. Taylor said if it had moved just a fraction of an inch, it could have caused severe damage. The child is not expected to suffer any long term damage and was released from the hospital six days later on August 12. 

"Through speaking with the Mineral County Prosecuting Attorney and our office, we then filed charges for felony child abuse causing injury," Taylor said. "A warrant was then issued on the 14 of this month, and on the same day we then arrested Mr. Conner on that charge."

Conner was taken to the Mineral County's Magistrate Court where he was arraigned and his bond was set at $5,000. He was then transported to Potomac Highlands Regional Jail where he posted his bond.

"I don't believe there was any intent to do damage to the child," Taylor added. "But it in fact did."

If convicted, Conner faces one to five years in jail.

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