New High Tunnel Helps Students Learn and Grow Plants


MORGAN COUNTY, W.Va. - The newly built high tunnel gives the students at Warm Springs Intermediate School a chance to get out of the classroom and learn about nature first hand.

"My favorite part is when we come out and do our work," said Harly Didawick, student. ”We get to learn how to plant and how plants are healthy."

The learning done in this tunnel is geared towards expanding their STEM curriculum as it merges subjects like math, science and engineering.

"So, nutrition is about science, and science is about growing and soil conservation and soil preparation," said Principal Dudley Cable. "We work with kids and they have helped us design the beds and some of them helped build the beds; and we also talk about the construction of the tunnel itself."

When it's finished in August, this high tunnel will have space for a classroom, and give more than 400 students the opportunity to grow plants, food, herbs and spices all year round.

"What I like about it is that we get to grow plants and they don’t die in the winter," said Jacob Rough, student.

"We have about a 350 square foot project area, where classes can come out and set up a project and just leave it sitting there for about two to three days or up to a week and come back to it again," said Cable. "They don’t have to tear it down everyday."

According to the West Virginia Office of Nutrition, this is first high tunnel in the Morgan County school district and Principal Cable says he hopes this will sprout new ideas for other schools.

"What we are trying to do is just get the interest built on the intermediate level and then roll that up to the high school, so what we want to do is have the kids introduced at this area and then go right on through and articulate to the 12th grade," said Cable.

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