New Owners Will Determine Fate of Old Winchester Hospital


WINCHESTER, Va. - The fate of the old hospital building in Winchester is no longer in the hands of its founders. Winchester Medical Center sold the old hospital, which was built in 1903, for $7 million.

"The owners are HealthCare Development Partners, and they work with healthcare organizations across the county,” said Mark Merrill, President and CEO of Valley Health System.

Aside from some WMC offices, the old hospital also houses a number of other medical related businesses, like Blue Ridge Hospice and AIDS Response Effort.

"We could not have existed without the kindness of Valley Health,” said John Nagley, Executive Director of AIDS Response Effort. “They have provided this space to us, in-kind for at least the last ten years."

Valley Health said none of the tenants or employees will have to relocate because of the sale. Even WMC will keep their offices, and lease the space from the new owners for now.

"Over time, if space becomes available near the campus, I anticipate we'll relocate the marking department closer to where the clients are, as well as human resources,” said Merrill. “But we have no immediate plans to do that."

Aside from the coffee shop and cafeteria, one thing tenants love the most about the old hospital building are it's proximity to Old Town Winchester, and the spectacular view.

“The type of work that we're in is usually very stressful,” said Nagley. “So during the winter months, it's absolutely wonderful to come in here first thing in the morning, at 7 o'clock, and watch the sun come up over the Blue Ridge {Mountains]. It's very meditative."

"We love this location. We were sorry when we had to move from downtown, but the medical center had grown so much that we really could not grow in this historic district," said Merrill. “We think it’s a huge asset to the community.”

When it was first built the old hospital had only 36 beds, and a horse-drawn carriage for an ambulance.

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