New Spring Mills High School Opens Doors to Students


MARTINSBURG, W.Va.- For the next two weeks, students around the area will be starting the new school year. On Monday, a handful of districts began classes including Berkeley County. That’s where the new school year also marks the opening of the new Spring Mills High School.

"It's really cool, everything is new," said Brennan Amarel, a freshman at Spring Mills High School. "Nobody knows where to go, but we will figure it out."

"It's really like weird being in this new place, that no one else has been in, but it's also exciting because we get to experience this," said Mickayla Keith, a sophomore at Spring Mills High School.

All the students and staff gathered at the gymnasium for a school picture, as they tried to create a starburst going into the Cardinal logo. Principal Mark Avron said he couldn't ask for a better start for the new school that will serve northern Berkeley County.

"Everyone is just super excited to have the opportunity to attend such a school as Spring Mills high school, the student body, the staff, the parents, everyone is so enthused,” said Avron.

As the juniors become seniors next year, they'll be part of the first ever graduating class at Spring Mills High; some of them say it's unique to be recognized as the first ones to graduate from here.

"It means a lot because that's not a lot of people get to do," said Lexi Bush, a junior at Spring Mills High School.  "A lot of people don't get to be part of the first graduating class of a very new school, it's incredible,"

"It means a lot to me, it was actually part of my decision to moving here to go to this school this year," says William Crouse, a junior at Spring Mills High School.

Officials say about 950 students from 9th grade to 11 are attending Springs Mill High this school year. The new school includes students from who previously attended Martinsburg and Hedgesville High Schools.


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