New store opens up in Boonsboro with a rich historical past

Maryland's 38th govenor was born and raised where new store is loacted

BOONSBORO, Md. - A new business just set up shop in Boonsboro, where one of Maryland’s governors used to live.

At Robin’s Nest on North Main Street, shoppers can find vintage furniture, jewelry and candles.

Owner, Robin Spires said her store has a classic aesthetic.

“The older the better and if there’s not a little crud on it and a little history to it, it’s not really all that interesting to me,” Spires said.

Spires said customers might be a little surprised to find out that Maryland’s 38th governor, William Hamilton, was born and raised in the same building as Robin’s Nest.

Owner of the Boonsboro Museum of History, Doug Bast, said Hamilton’s family owned the building for more than 100 years.

“[Hamilton’s] two uncles raised him. His parents died very young. They actually acquired the building and he grew up in here,” Bast said.

During construction at Robin’s Nest, Spires found a pair of shoes dating back to 1794 inside the walls of the building.

Bast said it is an old Pennsylvania German tradition to leave a pair of shoes inside a building for good luck.

“You know how when they’re christening a ship, they break champagne on the bow of the ship. Well, [the Germans] would throw a shoe in there, as they were building the cabin,” Bast said.

Before becoming governor, Hamilton was a U.S. Senator and member of Maryland’s House of Delegates, Bast said.

Spires said she has always been a history buff, so when she was looking for a place to open up her store in Boonsboro, the historic building had her heart.

“It sort of spoke to me and said, 'This is where you need to start your business,'” Spires said.

Spires said she works with artisans in the four-state area to sell hand-made goods. In the fall, Robin’s Nest will host crafting classes.

“Such as jewelry making or a terrarium class, or using scraps of a sweater to make a pumpkin,” Spires said.

Spires said she hopes her store adds a little more history to an already interesting Boonsboro spot.

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