Governor Creates Commission in Response to Saylor's Death

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Ethan Saylor was only 26-years-old when he died after three off-duty Frederick County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him at the Regal movie theater in Frederick.

The New Market man’s death has raised questions across the country, and locally about how certain professionals are trained. Ethan’s mother Patti Saylor is a force pushing for change.

“She's upset over the death of her son and it’s certainly a tragedy. Not just a tragedy just for the family but alone the deputies involved no one expected an outcome of that type,” said Senator David Brinkley of the Maryland State Senate.

Governor Martin O’Malley issued the executive order Tuesday to improve training for law enforcement and emergency responders.

“Mr. Saylor's death is tragic. I join the multitude of people in Maryland and across the country who mourn this loss of life and who seek ways to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again,” said Gov. Martin O’Malley. “As a State, we know that there is still progress to be made to ensure that the dignity of every individual is protected." 

Those pushing for justice for Ethan and advocates are hoping the newly created commission will do just that, protect every individual and prevent another tragedy like this one from happening again.

“I'm very encouraged by the governors actions I think a study is needed to incorporate what training is in place for law enforcement but I'd also like to see incorporated in that, the mental health aspect of it,” said Brinkley.

Ethan’s death has reached people far beyond his hometown of New Market, Md. and The United States Department of Justice is currently investigating the incident.

The commission is required to submit an initial report, addressing statewide law enforcement guidelines and training standards by January 9, 2014, which would have been Ethan’s 27th birthday.  

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