Maryland Comptroller Honors Frederick, Md. Brewery

- FREDERICK, Md. - It was good people and good beer at the Flying Dog brewery where Maryland comptroller, Peter Franchot stopped by the facility to honor Maryland's largest craft brewery for their service to the state, Friday.

"This sector of craft breweries provides a lot of employment for the state...a lot of tax revenue...a lot of really fabulous innovative new beers that the public is asking for," said Franchot.

As the state's chief fiscal officer and regulator of alcohol, Franchot has helped pass new legislation over the years that has made it easier for Maryland breweries like the Flying Dog to promote themselves and sell their products.

Just a decade ago there were about a dozen breweries in Maryland but fast forward to today and you can find well over 30 in the state.

"He's really helped the breweries similar to the way he's helped the wineries really loosen the right kind of laws so that we can grow our businesses in the future," said Ben Savage, chief marketing officer of the Flying Dog.

There's always about 19 different beers on tap at the Flying Dog and around 25-35 new beers annually - inventory that calls for a large staff.

"We are a business of almost 100 employees and we've been growing pretty steadily over the last couple of years and I think for a small business to be growing in this economy is worth recognition," added Savage.

The Flying Dog has also been at the forefront of recent law changes for production breweries. Coming June 2014, breweries in Maryland will be able to sell beer by the glass - a new opportunity that breweries and patrons in the area are looking forward to.

The Flying Dog, Milkhouse brewery and 25 other Maryland brewing companies will be sampling beer for folks at the Maryland craft beer festival in in Frederick on May 31. More information is available at

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