Marylanders Celebrate 75 Years of Old Bay Seasoning

- FREDERICK, Md. - It's safe to say Marylanders love their crab and their Old Bay. This year McCormick is celebrating 75 years of the staple seasoning.

“Seasoning everything from Crabs and on my scrambled eggs and my bagel this morning, delicious,” said Jim Caruso, CEO of Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick.  

As part of the special anniversary the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick is releasing their latest beer, Dead Rise.

"Dead rise is actually the name of the boat the crab fishermen use to go out to the bay and catch the crab, so it's just because our heart and soul is in Maryland and I think Old Bay defines Maryland more than practically any other food or drink here in the state,” said Caruso.

Some Marylanders say they love the Old Bay seasoning just as much as they love Maryland Crabs. May’s in Frederick has been selling crabs for more than 10 years and most of their customers demand the Old Bay seasoning. 

“We have a lot of repeat customers from all over, I mean out of state, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, and we even have people flying in on an airplane and get crabs and take them back,” said Douglas May, owner at May’s restaurant in Frederick.

For many it’s just a matter of “You just can’t get enough” of the flavor of the Old Bay.

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