Lockdown Lifted From MiddleTown Schools, Suspicious Item NonThreatening

- MIDDLETOWN, Md - Three middletown schools were on lockdown Friday morning after an eyewitness reported a suspicious package along Green Street. According to fire rescue officials the package was nonthreating and the lockdown was lifted two hours later.

"Every one was safe and no was injured or harmed," said Batallion Chief Rusty Hahn with the Frederick County Fire Marshal's office.

After an examination from the State Fire Marshal's Bomb Squad, the the suspicious package was later identified as a jetter nozzle used by contractors to clear out sewage.

Before that information was made available, parents, staff and students were left to fear the worst.

"When I first saw the Facebook post from friends of ours, I thought 'Oh no. Not in our area, not our school, not our kids,'" said Rita Bradley, a Middletown Middle School mom.

"I was kind of nervous at first because it was a drill but then a few minutes later they said it was serious and I got scared," said Andrew Bradley, 6th grader at Middletown Middle School.

Frederick County responders applaud the eyewitness who called in the package. Granted it was nonthreatning, officials say staying away and calling 911 is the best thing you can do.

"Move out of the area and call 911. Try and remember what it looks like and where it is so when fire and police arrive they can locate the item and take appropriate actions," said Hahn.

Officials plan on returning the nozzle to its rightful owner.

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