Neighbors Search For Answers in Apparent Dawn Drive Murder Suicide

HALFWAY, Md. - Decorated uniforms covered Dawn Drive Thursday evening after a tragic incident that left three residents dead.

"We are able to say that their are three individuals that are deceased inside the residence. All three suffered gun shot wounds," said Deputy First Class Carly Hose, with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say that 54-year-old William Smith Jr. stabbed and shot his wife Kimberly Smith to death and stabbed and killed his step-son Christopher Watcher before taking his own life.

Information on what prompted Smith to commit such an act has not been released, but neighbors say they noticed a change in behavior from the Smiths several years ago.

They were really good at first but then he started changing once he lost his job and couldn't find a job," said Ray Fewster, who lives next door to the Smiths.

Fewster has known the Smith family for 7 years and says they got along for some of the time but court documents show that Fewster was charged with first and second degree assault against Smith Jr. in September of 2013. He was charged again later that month for failing to comply with a peace order set out by Smith Jr.

Other residents in the area remember better times with the Smiths.

"Usually I'd head over when my little brother wanted to go over and see him. My little brother loved him. Loved going over [and] talking with him. Sometimes go over and hang out with him while Bill was doing the yard work," said Caleb Singleton, who lives across the street from the Smith residence.

Its a tragedy that continues to unfold but neighbors say that the Smith family will be missed.

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