Naval Yard Shooting: Local Reaction from Commuters

- FREDERICK, MD - The Navy Yard shooting is also hitting close to home in the Four-State Area.

WHAG spoke with Washington, DC commuters after they made their way back home.

Robert Settles rides the MARC train nearly everyday, but on Monday he said his commute felt a little different.

"Well people seemed to be on their phones a lot, lap tops, hand held devices," he says.

Settles suspects these people were trying to get in touch with loved ones after the shooting.

Another commuter we spoke with, Wanda Moore-Jackson, says her close friend was trying to reach her father.

"One of my close friends that I work with," she says, "her father is a contract employee for the Navy Yard."

And soon after learning he was OK, they also learned he was one of many in an enforced lock down as police tried to locate the gunmen.

The lock down lasted several hours, affecting schools, offices, and homes near the base, and even the US Capitol.

Settles says there was also heightened security at Union Station.

"Police officers had a lot of dogs and kind of like when Biden comes, but not the massive crowd," he says.

In the end, the alleged shooter was dead along with 12 other victims.

"I mean after 9/11, everybody I would hope became aware of what's going on," Moore-Jackson says. "I try to keep an eye out."

Moore-Jackson says she also keeps an eye out when riding the train back home.

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