Animal Control Seizes More Than 25 Cats from House

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Animal Control responded to a house on the 8700 block of Inspiration Court in Walkersville after neighbors reported the smell of ammonia coming from the property.

Animal Control took away another cat from outside the house Wednesday, after removing one dead cat and seizing 24 others Tuesday.

"Fire and rescue did respond, did track the ammonia readings and indicated while they were of concern, they didn't mandate no people living in the home," said Harold Domer, director of Frederick County Animal Control.

A woman answered the door at the house saying she has no comment. We spoke with a neighbor who tells us he thinks the cats were well taken care of, though too many cats do create an odor.

"I strongly agree with that there's no problem of mice around here because of the cats, there's just too many of them. They take care of them, I see them at the vets office," said Walter Wratchford, neighbor.

Animal Control says the couple living in the house could be facing charges depending on the condition of each cat and say they will all be examined. Under Maryland State law, it is a misdemeanor violation not to provide sufficient air and space in the area the animals reside. Domer says charges could also be coming due to the strong smell of ammonia and that's not all.

"There is an ordinance in the county, in Frederick County that all cats and dogs must be licensed," said Domer. 

The cats will be treated for any respiratory or health issues that arise after their exams. Domer says the cats will also be vaccinated before they are able to put them up for adoption.

The case is under investigation and animal control says other law enforcement agencies could get involved because a child is living in the house. Animal Control says they expect the investigation to be complete by next week.

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