Getting in the Olympic Spirit at Whitetail Ski Resort


MERCERSBURG, Pa. - Many people hit the slopes at the Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg Friday, and say they're getting in the spirit for the Olympics. 

“I want to see ‘Carrot Top’ get anther gold, and I'd like to see the American team do well,” said Tom Webster.

"I'm a winter baby, I'm fond of snow. I'll watch mostly snowboarding, ski jumps, the hockey,” said Monica Hayes.

Though the games are far away in Sochi, Russia the resort says they’ll feel an Olympic impact here at home.

"Once it gets going it will definitely help business. It hasn't been strong leading up to the Olympics, but with the opening ceremony and everyone watching the competitions, it will spur a little interest. The kids will be watching and ask there parents to go and try this," said Katrina Gaymen of Whitetail Resort. 

Some say it's the Olympics in general that excites them, while others say it's just a few sports they're looking forward too

"Skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, that's my favorite,” said Ioana David “The opening show is always something to watch, always.”

 “It doesn't matter; it's mostly the sport and adventure," said Stefan David. 
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