Trees Ready for Christmas Ten Years Later

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Picking out a Christmas tree is a holiday tradition that is now in full swing. Many Four State residents came out to the Gaver Farm Saturday to pick out one of their own.

I always go with the blue spruce. It's the most aromatic and I really enjoy the color and when you have pets it teaches them not to play with the ornaments because it's kind of prickly,” said Mark Williams of Silver Spring, MD

Mark Williams isn’t the only one who went with the Colorado blue spruce, that is the popular seller at this farm.

“We picked a blue spruce. It was really bright and pretty so it was unique, and brighter than the other trees. It also seems to live long,” said the Ricker family of Mt. Airy.

The Gaver Farm has been growing and selling the holiday centerpieces since 1984. The farm has 50 acres of trees, and they say Christmas tree sales bring in 90 percent of their business.

They're coming back with grandchildren and the next generation because they value the importance of that holiday tradition and all the memories they have coming to our farm,” said Lisa Gaver of Gaver Farm.

“I just think there's something to the tradition that goes way back to our roots and especially after thanksgiving there's no better time to do that,” said Williams.

While families build memories and people pick their perfect tree, the farm owners say they are also helping the environment.

“An acre of real trees provides oxygen for 18 people for a year. We are 100 percent no-till, that sequesters carbon, its biodegradable, it goes back, and for every real tree people buy we usually plant two or three,” said Gaver.

On average, the trees grow for ten years before they are Christmas ready.  

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