25 New Businesses Open in Frederick

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - New restaurants and other businesses are popping up all over the Downtown Frederick area, and Pistarro's gourmet pizzeria is just one of them.

"I lived in Italy for two years before I moved to the US and this was one of my favorite foods, pizza of course," said Nezih Pistar of Fountain Rock Restaurant Management Group. Fountain Rock also owns and operates several other restaurants in Frederick.

The Downtown Frederick Partnership says 25 new businesses have opened since July alone.

"Most of the businesses have been restaurant, I think there's a total of 10 that are food related, and than the others are divided amongst home furnishing and apparel," said Danielle Grooms of The Downtown Frederick Partnership.

Small business week is a time to celebrate the local community and the people in it who work to make it thrive. Pistar says with the opening of Pistarro's, Fountain Rock Management has created 200 jobs in Frederick.

The national unemployment rate in April was reported at 6.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. The most recent numbers available for this year in Frederick County, according to the state Labor, Licensing and Regulation Department shows the unemployment rate here is slightly above five percent.

"We're hovering in the low five percent with unemployment, one month we were at 4.8 percent," said Blaine Young, president of the Board of County Commissioners.

Commissioner Young says the small business retail sector is partly responsible for that, the county says they've also made it a priority to get through the permit process quickly to help new businesses get started.

"Time is money and we know that," said Young.

"We try to buy everything locally so our money stays here in the city, county and state," said Pistar.

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