Fewer Expected to Travel this Thanksgiving


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and for the first time since the beginning of the recession in 2008, Mid-Atlantic AAA redicts less Marylanders and Virginians will be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday.

Gas prices in Maryland have been steadily declining over the last three months, according to Triple A but in the past few days, people at the pump have seen it increasing.

 “It hurts still you know nobody likes it,” said Angie Propst of Frederick.

“You know any time it's over three dollars it's too much as far as I'm concerned,” said Bob McDonnell of Frederick.

According to reports, the rise in gas prices can be attributed to a dwindling supply due to refinery issues in a few regions across the country, including the Gulf Coast, which supplies the Mid-Atlantic area.

Even with the recent increase in gas prices, Triple A estimates most drivers will be paying less this Thanksgiving than they have since Thanksgiving 2010. However, less people are expected to travel this year in both Maryland and Virginia. Many say it still costs too much to fill up.

“I stay local my family lives in Middletown so I just go over the mountain and have a great time. You can definitely see a change when it used to cost $30 to fill up and now it costs $50,” said Propst.

The national average price for regular grade gasoline is about $3.24, up four cents from last week. This price is a dime lower than one month ago and 19 cents less than the same day last year.

For those traveling this Thanksgiving, we remind you to stay safe out there on the roads. 

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