Update: Boonsboro brush fire supressed

By ABBY THEODROS | atheodros@whag.com

Published 03/16 2014 06:36PM

Updated 03/16 2014 11:49PM

BOONSBORO, Md.--Firefighters from the Boonsboro Volunteer Fire Department responded to a large brush fire at a house on Clevelandtown Rd. Saturday afternoon.

Officials say they received the call around 3:15 p.m. Saturday afternoon and spent over six hours attempting to suppress the fire. Officials say the fire broke out near Clevelandtown Rd and spread over the mountain to Moser Road. They say it all started in one residents yard. 

"The resident was conducting a controlled burn, [it] got out of hand obviously, with the high wind yesterday. Quickly spread into the mountains," said Keith Albright, deputy fire chief of Boonsboro Fire Station 6.

That resident says she was sweeping leaves into a small fire ring when the high winds kicked up and blew an ember up into a flower bed which caught on fire.

Officials say the fire spread over a total of 7-10 acres of woodland between the two days. They say the fire has been completely suppressed as of Sunday afternoon.

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