Firefighters Rescue Ten People from Apartment Fire

- FREDERICK, Md. - Firefighters battled a fire that broke out Tuesday afternoon in Frederick at an apartment complex on Key Parkway. 

Fire officials said ten people were rescued from the Hickory Hill apartments after flames and heavy smoke filled the complex. They said other residents were able to get out quickly and safely, despite the smoke.

“I can't walk, can't see nothing, because of the smoke. I said let's go outside, just I have three kids,” said Julan Chavas who was able to escape the building Tuesday afternoon.

“Still had a lot of smoke visible you could actually see smoke visible coming down from the Route 40 area. The second floor apartment had smoke showing from the front and the rear,” said Frederick County Safety Lieutenant Jeff Shippey.

The Frederick County Fire Marshall’s Office is investigating the cause of the blaze. Officials said they believe everyone was able to make it out safely because of the working smoke detectors in the building.

“When we entered the building we heard an alarm sounding in the hallway and stairwell,” said Shippey.

Officials said even though heavy smoke filled the building, the fire was contained to one unit. They said the fire broke out inside a kitchen of a second floor apartment.

And while the smoke detectors in the building hallway are working, officials said they plan to check each unit to make sure they are also functioning.

No injuries were reported.

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