Police Search for Second Suspect in Petco Armed Robbery


FREDERICK, Md. - Surveillance video shows two men who police say robbed the Petco on West Patrick Street in Frederick last Halloween, but what you don't see is perhaps the most frightening element of the crime.

"One of the suspects as they entered had a stun gun, also known as a taser, and used it on the female employee several times," said Cpl. Jon Holler of the Frederick Police Department.

The employee was attacked with the stun gun. Police say the two suspects also tied up a store manager while they raided the place. Police say Alfred Hollaway is now behind bars and faces several criminal charges, including armed robbery, robbery, assault and theft. Detectives say they were able to trace Hollaway's DNA from a pair of gloves the man wore into the store manager's office and left at the scene

"The evidence was sent to the Maryland State Police Science's Division. It was tested and analyzed by the DNA and during that they were able to link it to a convicted offender in Maryland which is Alfred Dorsey Hollaway," said Cpl. Holler.

Police say the two suspects hid inside the store in an area under construction, and when the store closed they tied up the store manager and the one employee who was also assaulted with taser.

Police say no animals were hurt but the robbers did get away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

As for the second person seen in the surveillance video, detectives with the Frederick Police Department say they do have leads but have yet to make an arrest.

This is an ongoing investigation as police continue to search for that second suspect. Anyone with any information should contact the Frederick Police Department at (301)-600-TIPS.

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