Six Arrested on Prostitution Charges in Martinsburg

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va.  - Six women are facing prostitution charges, according to detectives with the Martinsburg Police Department.

The arrests come after police conducted an investigation into prostitution within the Martinsburg municipal limits.

During the course of the investigation, a confidential informant w
as utilized who was solicited on multiple occasions by females known to the police department as prostitutes.

Detectives said on each incident, a female solicited or agreed to perform sexual acts for money with the informant. All six women were subsequently arrested, processed and taken to the Eastern Regional Jail to await arraignment. 

The six women in question are Nicole Brittany Wilcox, 28, charged with first-offense prostitution, Shelby Nicole Kees, 22, charged with second-offense prostitution, Kristen Cotallis, 22, charged with first-offense prostitution, Tiffany Maria Reel, 25, charged with
 first-offense prostitution, Lisa Germania Cook, 35, charged with first-offense prostitution, and Jessica Renee Miller, 28, charged with first-offense prostitution. 

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