Mother Speaks out After 21-month-old Baby Dies

- FREDERICK, Md. - "My husband loved his daughter...very much...and whatever was going through his mind I know he wasn't in his right mind when he was doing these things," said Stephanie Williams, wife of Frankie Williams, the man charged with the death of their 21-month old daughter.

Williams is still trying to understand what happened that tragic Friday night.

"We are no one to judge him, God is the ultimate judge," added Williams. 

Neighbors recall seeing police and hearing sirens in the late hours of Friday evening but say they didn't know why. 

"There was an incident here...5-6 cops came by my block. I didn't see what was going on because it was quick. This apartment has been peaceful until this incident," said Nathan Caldwell, a resident at the Williams' apartment complex. 

Frederick police said there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident including visible marks and bruises on Aniyah's body. 

Police say they received a call for an unresponsive child at 11:50pm Friday night. Once rescue crews arrived on the scene first responders found the 21-month-old not breathing. Police say Aniyah was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Frederick Memorial Hospital. 

"She was very loving. She was a good girl...and she will be missed by many of people," said Williams. 

The case is still being investigated by the Frederick Police Department while they also await autopsy results. 

"I thought everything was ok. I don't even know what he was going through to say anything about what happened or why it happened...for what led up to it," added Williams. 

Frankie Williams is being charged with first degree child abuse resulting in death, first degree child abuse with severe physical injury and first degree assault. 

Williams' other child, who is 5-months old, is in foster care but she is currently trying to regain custody. 

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