Autopsy Report Shows Police Shot Man 23 Times

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - The attorney for the Jones family says while it’s been clear all along Wayne Jones was shot and killed by five Martinsburg police officers, he says no one knew the extent of it.

Attorney Lambert Sherman is speaking out after reviewing the autopsy report for Wayne Jones, 50, who was killed in March 2013.

“We can see from the other cam-cord videos that were captured, Mr. Jones on the ground and the officers, all five of them and they shoot him. At that particular point he died and there were a lot of questions surrounding that,” said Sherman Lambert, the attorney representing the Jones family.

The autopsy report brings some uneasy answers to the family. Lambert says they’re appalled.

The autopsy report confirms police shot the man 23 times, nearly eight times in the back, five times in his chest, once in the head, among other places. According to reports, the man was walking in the roadway of South Queen Street, when officers approached him. Jones told officers he had a weapon and did stab an officer after a short foot pursuit, that’s when officers discharged their guns.

Lambert says he believes the officers used excessive force, and is concerned why the officers training didn’t kick in, that they did not need to shoot the man 23 times.

“It's about the principal, this man was killed. You don't even shoot a can or a bottle that many times, it makes no sense. There's something wrong here and everyone who lives in America should be concerned because if there's an injustice to one, there's an injustice to all,” said Lambert.

A grand jury found declined to return an indictment against the officers involved back in October. The Jones family has filed a civil lawsuit and Lambert is hoping jurors will find the officers used excessive force. The trial is set to begin in October 2014.

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