School is Closed after Vandalism in Two Buildings

By Shayna Halper

Published 05/06 2014 03:47PM

Updated 05/06 2014 05:39PM

FREDERICK, Md. - School is closed and police are investigating after The Banner School was vandalized over the weekend. School officials say six or seven of the schools fire extinguishers were sprayed everywhere in the middle school and early childhood education buildings.

“We have fire extinguisher residue from the third floor attic classrooms all the way down to the basement classes in the middle school, and administrative building is coated. Everything will now need to be cleaned, and in our early childhood building, the entire Kindergarten is covered,” said Stephen Parnes, Head of School.

Cleaning crews are taking out all furniture to clean the residue to make sure it’s safe for students to return. School officials estimate $150,000 in damages.

And that’s not all. Police say items were stolen. Frederick police are actively investing the case as they look to find who is responsible for this crime.

“The fire extinguishers were collected. A couple of unique items were taken from the school so like I said were treating this as a burglary at this time,” said Sgt. Joe Hayer of the Frederick Police Department.

The Banner School has been around since the 1980’s and Parnes says what happened is very upsetting, because the school always finds a way to give back to the community.

“We've always been a very secure school, always treated right in the community and this is the first time someone or some people decided to cause a real nuisance and wreak havoc,” said Parnes.

School officials say Pre-K students will not be able to return until next week due to licensing requirements that do not allow them to use makeshift or portable classrooms. However, the school plans to reopen for most students on Wednesday by setting up makeshift and portable classrooms. 

Anyone with information on the case should contact Frederick Police at (301) 600-TIPS.

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