Buy Local Campaign Spreads Awareness of Local History


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Robert Black is just one farmer in Frederick County, and he grows and sells more than 120 varieties of vegetables, fruits and berries throughout the year at Catoctin Mountain Orchard.

Kale, broccoli, and cabbage are just a few of the vegetables Black grows at his farm in Thurmont. 

Frederick Mayor Randy McClement is encouraging people to support local businesses like the Orchard, through his "Buy Local" campaign. 

“People come here [to Frederick] because we're friendly, because of our character and the charm of our city, and part of that is the fact that we are still fairly highly agricultural here. So, we want to make sure that continues, that history continues here,” said Frederick Mayor Randy McClement. 

Peaches are right in season and apples are on the way, so what better time than now to buy local? That’s a question you don’t have to ask Mr. Black twice. 

“You’re supporting that farm right there and that family to stay in that business that will support the rest of the other businesses, buying tractors or other equipment, whatever it is,” said Robert Black of Catoctin Mountain Orchard. 

For some consumers, it’s an easy choice.

“I just think they have better fruit, I can trust it,” said Joann Richardson of Virginia. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, spending $100 at a local business, on averages sends $68 back into the local economy, where as if you spend the same at a big box retailer, only about $48 gets circulated back into the local economy. 

“If you want to brighten someone's day take a bouquet of flowers and a blackberry peach pie, boy that would really brighten their day,” said Black.

And if you buy it locally, you might just have a better chance of brightening someone else’s day too.

McClement said the Buy Local campaign runs through July, but he encourages people to do it all year long. 

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