Upgrades at Frederick Keys Harry Grove Stadium

- FREDERICK, Md. - Sodas, beer, sandwiches and other treats are staples of going to a ballgame, but this year at Harry Grove Stadium they’ll be offering all kinds of specials.

“Sandwiches named after players, for every home stand, a sandwich will be named after a player,” said Geoff Arnold, broadcasting and public relations manager for the Frederick Keys.

This week’s special sandwich is the ‘Kline Kutter,’ named after pitcher Branden Kline, who grew up in Frederick County, Maryland. Kline is pitching Tuesday's home opener.

The stadium has a new picnic area tent, where fans can catch some shade and new, healthier items at concession stands. Some Frederick residents say they weren’t aware of the new improvements at the stadium.

“I'm a baseball fan, but I didn't know they were having there home opener today, so yea I guess I am kind of excited,” said Jeff Lewis of Frederick.

The team also has a number of promotions they’re excited about this season.

“We’ve got a number of great promotions this year, we have a $25,00 giveaway happening during this first home stand, we’ve got hockey day with Craig Laughlin and Alan May,” said Arnold.

Hockey day at Harry Grove Stadium is Saturday. There are also new inflatables in the FUNZONE and other carnival rides. The team says it's been about seven years since the stadium’s last renovation.

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