Group Gives Back to Community, Plants for Great Frederick Fair

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - A group of volunteers in Frederick are digging and planting as they give back to the community, all while getting ready for the 152nd Great Frederick Fair. 

“We’re planting a healthy food-plate, fruits and vegetables and grain and protein,” said volunteer camper Simon Price.

Simon is 12-years-old and already he knows the power of the plant. That’s why he volunteers with the United Way Summer Serve group, helping communities across Frederick County.

“A lot of the lower income neighborhoods tend to be able to call it a food desert, it's hard for them to access the foods or they might just be too expensive for them. So the garden helps them out by providing that fresh produce for the families, if they need it,” said volunteer counselor Lauren Haines.

One seed at a time, the group is working to grow that fresh produce, all while creating a garden that will be on display at the 152nd Great Frederick Fair.

“And it's tied around the lunchbox and what's in kids’ lunch boxes today and not just what's in it, but where those products come from, certainly from an agricultural component,” said Becky Brashear, General Manager at the Great Frederick Fair.

The group also volunteers at the Frederick Rescue Mission, giving out food and other necessities to families. They’re encouraging others to try it.

“We hand them out to people and the kids are able to see I have this stuff at home and others don't and I'm able to give to them,” said volunteer counselor Shana Knight.

“You feel proud that you're helping someone else out and you’re not just keeping everything for yourself,” said volunteer camper Riley Yinger.

Remembering their roots and all they’re learning along the way.

The group says once the produce is ready, it will be available for families who need it at a low cost or for free. According to county data, there are nearly 600 homeless children in Frederick County, Maryland.

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