NEWSMAKER: Preventing a Stroke in Your Family

- FREDERICK, Md. - No one likes to hear a family member suffering from a stroke; it is usually not a pretty picture and is mostly seen in older-aged people.

WHAG'S Carmen Chau sat down with Tom Shupp, the program coordinator of Frederick Memorial Hospital's Stroke and Chest Pain Centers to discuss the dangers of a stroke and how it can be prevented.

A stroke happens when blood flow to a part of the brain stops. If the blood flow is stopped longer than a few seconds, the brain cannot get blood and oxygen. Brain cells can die, causing permanent damage.

The good news - most strokes are preventable and it all starts with several factors that can reduce the risk:

  • Be aware of your blood pressure
  • Be aware of an abnormal heartbeat
  • Stop smoking
  • Control your alcohol consumption
  • Be aware of your cholesterol levels
  • Control your diabetes
  • Exercise more
  • Treat circulation problems

Frederick Memorial Hospital has a stroke center that is on standby to treat any stroke. For more information, click here.

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