NEWSMAKER: Visiting the Emergency Room

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The warmer the weather, the more people will be out and about. However, that can mean potential risks of injuries, accidents or any unfortunate situation, whether it is small or big.

There can be misconceptions of what should bring you to an emergency room and a regular walk-in clinic. With the emergency room being a busy place, doctors say it is normally aimed for those with more severe injuries.

However, as Dr. Neil Roy of Meritus Health tells WHAG'S Carmen Chau, he recommends a visit to get it checked out is much better than not visiting at all. Dr. Roy says Meritus Health's emergency room will always welcome anyone who walks in the door.

While the process between a walk-in clinic and an emergency room may vary in service and pace, Dr. Roy says an injury should be checked out regardless of where you go.

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