Ninth Annual Breast Cancer Symposium Educates Women in New Treatment Technology


FREDERICK, Md. - Health experts say many of us may know at least someone with breast cancer. One in eight women in the nation are affected by it, narrowed down to about 200 cases per year in Frederick County, Maryland.

Doctors say it is important to have regular check ups.

Early detection is key to survival and breast cancer in contrast to other malignancies like lung cancer, pancreatic cancer. Early decision is key to survival," said Susan Bahl, breast surgeon at the Frederick Memorial Crestwood Center.

The Ninth Annual Breast Cancer Symposium at the Frederick Memorial Crestwood Center invited the public, all with an itch of curiosity to learn about the latest modern services.

"Anyone who is a breast cancer survivor, has a family member who's experienced with breast cancer is interested in expanding their knowledge base of breast cancer and treatment available to treat it," said Carol Mastalerz, director of oncology services.

Before the new center was built, it took 30 to 90 days for women to find a treatment plan but now, it takes only a matter of two weeks thanks to better technology.

"We had about a 30 percent migration of women from Frederick County going down the road to Washington and Baltimore for their treatment. Now, it's less than nine percent so we are very successful and we're very proud of this program," said Mastalerz.

Women mingled among one another as tables of delicious food were provided for them.

Presentations were held by medical professionals to show the proper procedures the new center takes when it comes to treating their patients.

Good breast health is very important. Eating right, dieting, a healthy diet, low unsaturated fat, high antioxidants, maintaining a good BMI," said Bahl.

They were all reminders that can make a difference in helping our mothers, sisters, and all women, who are battling breast cancer.

It's highly recommended for women of the age over 40 to have their mammograms. Those in the late 20s and 30s should always do self-check exams at home.

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