No Justice for Families of Cold Case Homicide Victims


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Unresolved homicide cases are tough on families looking for closure. They're also frustrating to investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of the crimes.

Frederick County is among the highest in the area when it comes to these types of cases investigated by state police. WHAG looked into what makes these cases so difficult, and why they are so tough on families looking for closure.

“There are days where he's constantly on my mind, constantly. There are days where I get busy, and I'll take a glance and talk. My nights are still long even ten years later, but I deal with that," said Terry Horman.

Terry Horman’s son Joshua Crawford was murdered more than ten years ago in his Frederick apartment. His life was taken too soon, on his 21st birthday, but by who remains a mystery.

Crawford’s case is one of 25 in Frederick County that has left families lingering with questions, and some with hope that one day justice will be served.

Three of those cold case homicides were initially investigated by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, eight with the Maryland State Police and 14 with the Frederick Police Department.

"It's just basically the case has come to the end of information and evidence and leads, and basically there's nothing left to do with it, so it goes into a file waiting on information again. We have 14 open homicides since 1974, so we have the latitude to continue looking at and evaluating the evidence and information," said Lt. Clark Pennington commander of the Criminal Investigative Division at the Frederick Police Department.

The Sheriff’s Office and State Police say they’re always looking for new leads to come in. City police say they’re actively pursuing new information with new technology to help develop leads and help families find some sense of closure.

“Our most recent homicide was last year back in October 2012," said Lt. Pennington.

That was 36-year-old Lamont Ellis, a father, a brother and a beloved son who was also taken too soon after a night out in Frederick with friends. His family is left asking who and why.

Crawford’s mom too, can’t understand why her son was killed.

“That's a question I ask myself everyday. Why? Why would somebody hurt him? He'd never hurt you so I don't know [why] and as a mom that's what you think about. Why would somebody take your baby at such a young if an age? He was just starting to build his life at 21," said Horman.

Horman is one mom with one mission; to find out who is responsible for her son’s death and she’s not alone.

According to the latest reports of the cases Maryland State Police have handled, Frederick County has the second highest number of unsolved murders in the state. Anne Arundel County is the only county with more cold case homicides under the State Police jurisdiction. 

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