Number of Maryland Traffic Fatalities Dropping


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Maryland General Assembly has been working hard in reducing the number of traffic deaths.

Even though WHAG has continued to report on a number of fatal crashes in the four state region, new statistics show the actual number of tragic crashes going down.

"Well, the fatalities across the state have reduced the last couple of years. We'd like to see that trend continue," says Lieutenant Mike Fluharty, commander of Hagerstown Barrack.

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, preliminary figures show there were 511 traffic fatalities in 2012. However, in 2013, it dropped down to 466.

"The most recent fatality obviously was a combination of two things. We don't want to see distracted driving and not wearing a seat belt. The driver was distracted which caused the accident and the passenger was not restrained by the seat belt," said Fluharty.

Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley has been working aggressively to lower these numbers.

According to the Maryland State Police Central Records, Western Maryland saw a decrease for each counties except Frederick County.


1) Washington County - 24

2) Allegany County - 11

3) Frederick County - 14

4) Garrett County - 7


1) Washington County - 20

2) Allegany County - 1

3) Frederick County - 19

4) Garrett County - 6

While these records do not show a cause of these fatalities, Lieutenant Fluharty believes distracted driving and not wearing a seat belt plays a large role.

"Unfortunately, it can go anything now and distracted driving does not just mean while you're on your cell phone. It can be anything. You'll see them putting their makeup on and playing with the radio," said Fluharty.

If you are caught with distracted driving, it does come with penalties. The primary offense for being caught for distracted driving and not wearing a seat belt will cost you $83.

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