Parents are Concerned with County Bus Stop Consolidation


Middletown, Md. -- For many four state area families, school is back in session and students are getting back into the routine. But for some Frederick County families consolidating bus stops has them concerned.

Parents in this Middletown neighborhood are worried about their bus stops, a few of them were almost taken away. For now, they're  safe but parents are worried about next year and the year after that.

"So we've had our bus stop for two years and with the consolidation, they eliminated it and that was our concern that we have so many students and you know there was going to be 40 students at one stop," said Heather Kufta, Middletown resident.

And after many calls from parents their bus stop was reinstated.

"We appreciate the cooperation we just wish there hadn't been any need for phone calls, letter writing you know," said Kufta."I don't know what the budgetary constraints are but we feel like the safety should trump any efficiency they were trying to create."

This year, the county eliminated 12 buses for efficiency but officials say safety is still the main priority.

"We want all of our bus routes to be as safe as possible we evaluate where our students are, where our buses have to go, the kinds of neighborhoods they have to get through and we figure out what the ideal and most efficient routes are every year," said Michael Doerrer, Communications Director for Frederick County Maryland Public Schools.

And when cuts are made, officials said those resources are pumped back into the school system.

"Well when we adjust bus routes, or we eliminate buses, that saves us on fuel costs obviously on, maintenance costs and those are all funds we can pump back into to support student achievement in Frederick county," said Doerrer.

Frederick County officials claim they evaluate all the bus routes during the first week of school to see if any other adjustments are needed.

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