Park Mobile to be Introduced in Shepherdstown


SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va.- Residents say parking in the city has been an ongoing issue for years now.

"It's so congested on a normal school day," said Joey Kaye, a student at Shepherdstown University. "I mean sometimes you're better off walking"

"I have to park blocks away if I'm painting downtown because I can't feed the meters all the time, added Denny Clarke, a local artist. "I can't always find a meter anyway."

The parking has affected the entire city including local business owners.

"When someone goes into a store to shop and maybe make a purchase, or they come into a restaurant to have a nice meal, they leave and see a parking ticket on their car," said Doug Vaira, who owns the restaurant, Domestic. "I think it leaves a little bit of a bad taste in their mouths that, 'maybe I'm not going to go back and visit again.'"

Now a new parking system called Park Mobile allows you to pay for your parking right on your phone without having to constantly feed the meter, the app is also free. You simply go onto your cell phone, enter your parking and car information and pay for your parking online. If you're running out of time, the app will alert you and you can add time right away. This means no more coming out to the meters to check to see if they're expired, you can do it all right at the tip of your fingers without having to go anywhere. 

"Now phones have become such an interval part of our way of life," said Shepherdstown Mayor, Jim Auxer. "This seems appropriate."

"You don't have to worry about your meter running out all the time," said Police Chief David Ransom. "You can enjoy downtown shopping, eating, shows, whatever you're here in town to do."

People can still pay the meter if they choose, but Park Mobile is expected to make everyone's parking in Shepherdstown much more convenient. The system is already in place is congested areas like Washington D.C. Park Mobile will take effect for everyone to use in Shepherdstown on May 12.

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