People with Disabilities Feel the Joys of Riding a Bike


IJAMSVILLE, Md. -  For many, learning how to ride a bike is one of the most memorable moments in their childhood. One camp is helping those with disabilities in Frederick County the chance to cherish that memory.

"The hardest part was getting started, but I learned it getting forward without the pedals and it was like totally awesome," said Eric Connolly, a camper.

Volunteers from the iCan bike camp are guiding riders with disabilities through the process of being an independent rider.

"It's learning that essential life skill and most people with disabilities will never be able to achieve that goal. So we wanted to bring this camp to Frederick County to help out with these individuals to be able to learn how to ride and be able to ride in the community and with their family and friends and neighbors," said Evan Routzahn, camp director.

The group starts the week off inside a gym with the iCan Shine roller bikes that give campers the comfort of training wheels.

"So it's really a gradual progression that helps them learn their balance and help them be more successful and build their confidence," said Routzahn.

As the riders become more comfortable and confident with the roller bikes, organizers say they will get the opportunity to get out of the gym and go outside on their own two wheel bikes.

"I learned that outside. I just started on my own and stopped on my own it was pretty fun riding a bike," said Connolly.

At the end of the week organizers want to help all 36 riders progress to using their personal two wheel bikes.

"Well the best part of riding bikes is that once you learn it, when you get home you can actually take it for your walk or a bike ride," said Connolly.

It also gives them the confidence to accomplish any goal, officials say. 


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