P&G Facility Likely to Open in September, Bring in Hundreds of Jobs


SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. - Shippensburg's new Procter & Gamble distribution center will be one of the top five employers in Franklin County when it opens in September.

"It’s a huge deal,” said Michael Ross, president of the Franklin County Area Development Corporation. “It's a $120 million capital investment being made. The projected employment is 963 employees which, in and of itself, is very significant."

For a township with only about 8,000 people, it is a project that will soon make a huge impact on the local economy.

"There will be some new folks moving in because our employment rate is fairly low, so we think that there will be more employment than we have employees in our immediate community,” said Southampton Township Supervisor Samuel Cressler.

Ross says although the winter weather has caused some construction delays, the project is on the right path.

"The facility should be completed by the end of summer and this has really been a construction feat given the size of the building,” said Ross. “To have it built within 15 months is remarkable."

PennDOT is requiring a new traffic light be built in front of the distribution center on Olde Scotland Road before it opens its doors. They say the traffic light is needed because the massive facility is expected to bring in a significant amount of traffic flow to that area.

Looking into the future, those at FCADC predict the new facility will indirectly create hundreds of additional jobs on top those Procter & Gamble are already bringing in.

"We could conceivably look to see another job for every job created at Procter & Gamble being created somewhere else in the community, so that could be another thousand jobs,” said Ross.

Franklin County developers are hoping the new Procter & Gamble center will serve as a catalyst for attracting other companies to the area for years to come.

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