Philip Wilson's Life Transformed on to the Silver Screen


LEITERSBURG, Md. - For Philip Wilson going to the movies was a wish come true, especially as he got to witness his entire life on the giant silver screen.

“This wish is unique, especially in that we've never done this type of wish before," said Cheryl Brown of the Hospice of Washington County.

Directed by Monika Wertman, "Windows of Time Through my Eyes," made its debut at the Leitersburg Cinema here Wilson, a patient of the Hospice of Washington County, received a warm welcome by family and friends. 

"I didn't think I’d see these slides again. It's great that they could put it all together, but I didn't know it was going to be all this," said Wilson.

Throughout his life Wilson kept a pictorial record of his service in Vietnam and his travels while driving a truck along the east coast. 

Family says wherever he went Wilson always had his camera to capture the places he visited. 

The majority of the photos were slides making it difficult to show others. 

In an effort to share his photographic memories the slides were transferred to a DVD. 

Wertman Photography then decided to convert all of the images into a movie.

"A total of 3,300 slides! It took 20 hours to scan everything in and then the 11 VHS tapes," said Monika Wertman, of Wertman Photography.

"I'm so glad to share this with everybody who's here," said Wilson

The Hospice of Washington County began granting the wishes of their patients last October. This is the tenth wish granted to date. 

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