Pig and Pigletts Spray-Painted, Tortoise Stolen at Farm

- IJAMSVILLE, Md. - A local farm owner is left scratching his head over why someone would spray-paint his pig and eight of her 11 piglets.

The animal barn at Green Meadows Petting Farm in Frederick County, Md., was vandalized sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

"Why would somebody be doing this, and why would they be coming into our farm in the middle of the night? It felt a little bit violating to know that somebody would do that and not just look around and leave but cause destruction," said Ken Keyes, owner of Green Meadows Petting Farm.

The owner says the words "Hello, My Pretty" were spray-painted on Julia, a nursing pig. Feed was dumped all over the barn.

"We got some Dawn dish washing soap and water, warm water, and started washing them up like they do during the oil spill," Keyes said. "We just started trying to clean them up and giving them a bath type of thing to try and get that off."

The farm's sign was also vandalized with the words "Urbana Rocks" spray painted on it.

On top of all the damage, someone stole a $400 Brazilian tortoise named Henrietta.

"I don't know why they would take a tortoise, but they did. I want her back. I hope I get her back," Keyes said. I'm thinking she'll end up on someone's football field or baseball field like local high school kids probably playing pranks."

The owner said they were able to get most of the spray-paint off the pig and her piglets, and he's hopeful the tortoise will be returned or found in good health.

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